Sunday with the first man in my life, my daddy.

I had one of the best days of life today.  I spent my day with the first man in my life, my daddy.  I ment him at his church this morning.  At home for lunch both of us had a hot dog, yum.  My favorite food among many!!!  Then down to Lewisburg to visit my brother.  He just had both knees replaced.  Ouch!!!  I am not one for pain.  I hurn just thinking about him hurting.  Then home again for some of the best ice cream this side of the Mississippi, Eder’s, and off to church to see the movie “Grace Card.”  What a wonderful movie.  I think the only dry eye was Daddy’s, he didn’t have his hearing aide in.  After the movie, you guessed it, ice cream and cookies.  Like I said the most wonderful day ever.  Any day spent with the ones you love is a blessing and I sure  have mine!!!