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Story telling from a child’s point of view is always difficult. I try to take the stories, and I tell them the best way I can. By using humor the story becomes more real. I do, however, draw the line at blasphemy, and I make that point known.

It is difficult for children to understand the complexities of ventriloquism. It is just as difficult for them to understand that dolls talk. Occasionally, children find my little “non-breathing” friends threatening. I explain they are just dolls like the ones they have only bigger, and more fun because it appears they talk.

Stories are told through the eyes of a 5 year-old child, just at the point where they’re interested but not afraid to ask questions. Each story is my interpretation of what kinds of questions a young child would ask. Each story is looked over and edited by several members of the clergy, representing several denominations. They have helped me to be accurate in my understanding of stories and scriptures.

I like to do church programs because it gives children, and we are all God’s children, a different way of looking at scriptural stories and the Bible as a whole and not to take ourselves and each other too seriously. I believe that one the gifts that God has blessed us with is a sense of humor. God wants us to live together in peace and harmony and love.

Looking at life from the other end of the spectrum, we also find that life from the view of a senior citizen is also difficult, or for me, more like looking into oncoming traffic. Nursing homes need laughter too. It makes my heart feel good when I can make someone laugh and forget their troubles for a while. That is what life is all about!!! Live, laugh and love, not necessarily in that order.