Katey’s Bio

The “human” part of this act was born and raised in North Central Pennsylvania. From an early age, Katey was fascinated by ventriloquists and soon acquired her first “non-breathing friend” and was performing in front of family members.

Through the years, she practiced her skills and was blessed with the ability to mimic voices and accents. Her collection of “non-breathing” friends (dummies) grew to match her skills. Katey’s confidence grew also and she started performing in public schools and local affairs,

In recent years, Katey dedicated her performances to the Lord and was rewarded with increased requests for shows in front of Church Groups, schools, hospitals and nursing homes.

Whether it is a grandmother, mischievous little twin boys or a baby, it is a happy time for all ages. Her manipulation and skills make you believe her “friends” are real. Young and old alike will leave with a smile on their face and a happy spirit.

Walk-arounds are always a huge hit with the children, they see the “friends” up close and personal. Children and adults alike can talk to Katey and her friends and ask questions. Katey and her “non-breathing” friends are rewarded with smiles wherever they go.