Meet the Debrain Family

Kate and Friends

(c) Wenzel Studios


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,  

Let me suggest that “Kate & Friends” could be a wonderful addition to your program schedule. As a professional ventriloquiste act, “Kate & Friends” has been popular with many churches and organizations, featuring both Bible based or secular programs. You may choose from the following:

The Good Samaritan/Good American

Skooter’s Broken Window /Obeying Your Parents/Honoring Your Father and Mother  (Mother’s & Father’s   Day, even Children’s Day)

Scooter and the Story of the First Christmas

Let’s go to Church

Attaining and Retaining self-esteem–for children

Senior Citizens

General programs

Each program is 15 to 20 minutes in length. However the time may vary, and inevitably does.

The professional full-bodied ventriloquist dolls are 32 to 40 inches tall with real life characteristics. They are unique and along with your imagination and Katey’s manipulation they come to life in front of your very eyes.

“Kate & Friends” Calendar is rapidly filling. If you are interested in more information on fees and scheduling of this unique act for your program calendar.