The Christian Church of cogan Station

Wow!!!!  Let me tell you the Christian Church of Cogan Station is one FINE church.  With a membership of approximately 500, there are at least 180 volunteers just in Fam Jam, a church program where the children bring their parents to learn about Jesus Christ and His Father, God.  One dad got up to tell how his 5 year old son could tell the difference between “The Bible Series ” and the Bible itself.  He told how his son even showed his dad the differences in his Bible.  Another Wow!!!

Some of the volunteers are teaching the children the books of the Bible.  I learned them in my church when I was a child.  I didn’t realize that not everyone knew them until this last year.

Kate & Friends program was “Scooter’s Broken Window”.  Scooter was in rare form and he does get wound up at times.  I pulled out my special “Guide to Life” and the children knew what it was before I could even ask a question.  They knew it was The Bible.   the children are very well taught, eager to learn and very intuitive.  If I didn’t have a home church I would definately goto the Christian Church of Cogan Station no matter what the distance!!!  God is alive in that church and showing all his miracles in the wonderful blessings he is bestowing on that church.

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