Ladies Group Tivoli Methodist Church

My program today was telling the ladies how I got started with ventriloqusim.  That was short and sweet. I was 10 years old when I got my first ventriloquist doll.  (I hate calling them puppets.  When I think of puppets I think hand puppets.)  My dolls are not called “dummies”  that is derogatory, I call them my “non-breathing friends.”  Anyway, I told how I got out of work at home because my mama would ask where I was and one of my sisters would tell her I was in front of a mirror.  I was only in front of the mirror to practice and not to look at myself.  My first doll was a Jerry Mahoney doll with the little string in the back.   Now I have a room for all my non-breathng friends totalling over 40.  But my favorite dolls are those on my webpage made by Axtell Expressions.  By the way, I still practice all the time.

God usually calls me in the middle of the night to go down to the computer.  He is always helping me with my programs I am always tweeking and He is right there beside me.

My time with the ladies group was wonderful.  I love making new friends and reminiscing  with old ones.  I love to see their expressions as I bring my “non breathing friends” out of their suitcase.



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